The Breath of Sand

003 - Why'd it have to be bugs

The party wakes rested the next morning. It is a holy day of Bahamut and despite the large skirmish last night, the halls look not only pristine, but also have been decorated for the holiday with platinum and gold decorations. The party is summoned to a private chamber that resembles a large library with a massive table in the middle. All kinds of maps and other books are spread out across the table. The capt of the guard is lounging in a corner smoking a longstem pipe and discussing off hand things with a short stocky human. The dwarfs legs swinging a foot off the ground. Tholly is likewise lounging in a large overstuffed chair, tinkering with a small spherical device and muttering to himself the lyrics of a festive song. Qexie and lady Anzine are bent over several maps on one side of the table, debating what appears to be strategy.
The party enters and is greeted by Qexie and Lady Anzine. The others look up upon their arrival, but stay visibly relaxed. The holiday is held on the summer solstace. The party is seated around an empty hearth that is swept clean and servants appear with cold wine mixed with local berries. Depsite the excessive heat that occurs during the solstace holiday, the room is quite comfortable and relaxing. Lady Anzine sits regally upon an armchair and explains that there is much to discuss. As the others in the room gather around the large sitting area.
The lady explains that there is a danger and there is much to be done, but first things first.
We are facing a time spoke in the prophecies long ago. Much will be required of us in the coming days. We all here serve the light and as such we shall be united.
Let us not be to hasty, responded qexie. There is much we don’t know, and until we are certain let us not make ourselves targets for our enemies.
We are already targets, but never the less I have decided that more knowledge in this case would not be a bad thing.
No, that is not what I’m saying, we shouldn’t send them into harms way for the book, it is reckless and foolhardy.
nonsense, they are more than capable and up for the task, although it shall ultimately be their own decision not yours.
The lady explains to the party that a certain man lving down river on the coast has disappeared and that he has, in his possession a tome of great importance. She asks that the party go and find him, bringing back both him and the tome
The party sets off and hits up a local establishment to see if they can locate the man or the tome. They approach a promising looking individual hoping to garner some sort of information from him, he agrees to help them, but as he stands up a bright light emits from his hand and the party is unconscious. They awake chained to the wall and unable to move, the man from the tavern is a friend of the owner of the dungeon and explains what happened. the owner of the dungeon interrogates them, but upon refusing to talk he gives them an ultimatum that he will give them an hour and upon his return if no one will talk he will kill one of them. He then leaves.
As the party is trying to come up with a way to escape, tholy shows up magically shrinking himself to fit through the barred window. He then proceeds to collect their gear and then procures magical pouches which he sticks to the wall around them. He then grabs one of their restraints and hoists himself up. yelling hang on, there is a bright orange light and the party finds themselves staring up at at a raftered roof. Tholy throws a cloth at them which grows in size and covers them all. He then starts up his boat and takes off down the river.

Upon returning to the estate, the party is met by qexie who berates them for their lack of discretion. Tholy however, is unfazed as he used the diversion of the party being captured to obtain the book. The characters take some time to recover and head off to their rooms for the night.

The next morning the party sets off to the arena hoping to win today which would leave only one more fight for the championship. They are faced with a lone figure. As the fight starts the party rushes to attack him. He takes a few hits from range attacks, but does not falter. He then summons a collection of monsters in front of him. Two large beetle’s move and attack Othur and Enna by jumping on their heads. Two swarms of giant insects harry Caspar and Lenthean while two giant centipedes Addic. The party helps each other and slowly takes out the summoned creatures, enduring all the while, the constant bite, sting and slimy sludge of goo. Seeing an opening after the summoned creatures are about half gone. Caspar Shoots the summoner hoping to destroy the head of the snake as it were. Picking up on his Idea (and having dispatched a giant centipede.) Addic joins him. He goes down, but the other creatures fight on. After regrouping the team is victorious.


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