The Breath of Sand


Here are the questions for your characters:

How old is he?
What race is she?
Where was she born?
Who were his parents?
What religion is she?
What religion are his parents?
How was her relationship with her parents?
What was happening during his childhood?
Where did she grow up?
How did he spend his time as a kid?
How happy was her childhood?
How did he decide what to do as an adult?
What does she do now?

What one word describes his personality best?
What one thing does her personality most remind you of?
What are his motivations and goals?
How far will she go to achieve goals?
What is his greatest fear?
What is her greatest love?
How competitive is he?
What are her passions?
What is his best quality?
What is her worst quality?
How does he react to different types of people?
How do different types of people react to her?

Significant Events:
What was her first experience with death?
What was his most important experience with love?
When did she fi rst experience betrayal?
What were the major historic events during the character’s life?
What other events have shaped his life?
Who were these experiences with?
When did they happen?
Where did they happen?
How have these events shaped the character into what she is now?

Important People:
Who was his fi rst love?
Who was her best teacher?
Who was his biggest inspiration?
Who were her role-models?
What enemies has he made?
Who else is important to their life? Why?
How have these people changed the character?
Where is the character’s relationship with them now?

How tall is he?
How would you describe her build?
What does he wear at work? At play? When no one’s watching?
Is her posture good or bad? Why?
How does he stand? Sit?
What color skin, hair, and eyes does he have?
What defi ning features does she have? Scars? Birthmarks?
What is his face to the world? To the mirror?
What about her hygiene?

How talkative is she?
Does he talk quickly or slowly?
Does she speak loudly or softly?
Is his voice smooth or abrasive?
What accent does she speak with?
Is his voice deep or high? Rich or nasal?
What mannerisms and catch phrases is she fond of?
Does he view speech as a tool or as a pastime?


calebcolby calebcolby

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