The Breath of Sand

002 - The Invitation

After a victory, the heroes get some time for rest

Chapter 2

Having bested Krayd the butcher the party heads back out of the areana to recouperate. While you await your next battle, a messenger comes for Xanroar Bullheart with urgent news. He is needed urgently by the Heirophant of the Turco order to which he belongs. While he is saddened by the prospect of abandoning your team, he will not forsake his order or his oath and bids you good luck. The messenger also bears a message from Anzine, a local noble. The messenger informs you that she also has members of the Turco order that have been summoned and assuming that Xanroar will not forsake his duty, has sent you one of her most skilled servants to fight along your side. She also presents gifts for the party that the messenger gives you. The messenger advises you that he is currently engaged in his pre-battle meditation and will join you. Xanroar expresses his gratitude to Anzine to the messenger who then takes his leave of you. Xanroar follows him out. As the large frame of the min. exits the door, a tournament messenger advises you that you have 1 hour till your next fight.

(you have already had a short rest at this point)
The sack contains the following
200g (50g each)
5 ice arrows for the ranger (1d6 +slowed until end of its next turn)
3 healing potions
Utility Power (Healing) Consumable (Minor Action)
Effect: You drink the potion. If you have a healing surge, you must spend one. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 1d8 + 1 hit points. If you are bloodied and don’t have any healing surges, you still regain the hit points. If neither of these things is true, there is no effect.
also some +1 throwing daggers for Enna and Othur.

After you divide the items up and empty the sack of it’s contents the bag shrinks down in size untill you can no longer see it and dissappears.

At this point the party sets off to determine what their next fight may entail. After some diplomacy, and some not so skilled bribery. the party learns that they are bringing back some older fights to the arena and are shown a door that is sealed. The door is moist and dripping slightly out of the edges. The party then heads back to the preparation room and are summoned to begin their fight.

They are taken to a different room that is several levels below the main floor. There they meet a cloaked figure introducing himself as Addic. He is tall and the party is somewhat disconcerted by his appearance. Enna is quite forward and friendly yet obviously wasn’t expecting her handshake to be returned by 4 other hands. The party called to attention by the officiating mage, lines up and prepares for battle. The mage opens a portal in the room and the party rushes through.

As you enter the arena, you are surprised at the change that it has undergone. The entire arena is filled with water from the river and there are two large ships floating peacefully in the center. Your team teleported onto the deck and an announcer shouts with magical amplification (first team to disable to other boat wins). and with that several mages start channeling at the water causing the boats to rotate around the arena and waves to crash over the rails of the deck.

Caspar jumps into action climbing up the rigging to the crows nest and calls to his party what he sees. Enna and Addic both leap across to the other boat. Othur grabs a cannonball from a nearby pile and throws it at the other ship. Lenthean enchants a cannon ball with magic and hands it to Othur to load. Caspar shoots arrows at the opposing team. Addic and Enna each take out a member of the other ships crew. Lenthean lights the cannon. Addic and Enna both hit the deck as the cannon ball shoots through the hull and explodes. Caspar takes out the last member of the crew as he climbs down the rigging. Othur grabs a boarding hook to toss to the other ship, but it grabs Enna’s shoulder instead. Addic grabs the rope to keeper her on board as Caspar shoots the rope pinning it to the railing of the ship. Addic and Enna rush across and Lenthean cuts the rope.

You are teleported off the ship and congratulated by several people. You are advised that you are done for the day and tomorrow is a holy day of Bahamut and there will be no fights, but instead a celebration. since a large majority of the teams have been either killed or left incomplete due to out of arena fighting or disqualified, the halls of the arena are quite empty in comparison to the previous day. You get back to your preparation room to gather your things. A note is laying on the table requesting your presence at the Anzine estate. a small coin bearing the seal of of house Anzine rests next to it. Enna grabs to note and reads “Congratulations on your splendid victory today, surely this will bring great honor and fame to the both of us. That being said, I would like to cordially invite you to join me at my estate for a meal and accommodations for the holiday festival tomorrow. You will need rest and preparation for the fights ahead of you. Also I have a matter of business to discuss with you but I will not say more until tonight. Regards.”

The party sets off to the Anzine estate spirits lifted by the recent victory. On their way through town. several people recognize them and congratulate them. They finally reach the gates of the Anzine Estate and a large alchemical Gollum coleuses infront of them. It demands what their business is with the Anzine’s, but grants them access after Enna gives it the coin. The party heads inside and are met by several servants. The lady Anzine welcomes them and each is escorted to their own room. Each person provided a room according to their homland and style of living. After resting, washing, and donning the provided festival clothing, each is then escorted back to the main hall.

In the hall the party is seated and introduced to several other friends of the Anzine estate. Qexie, is introduced as the mentor of Addic and the advisor to the Lady among other things. Also introduced is Lenthians mentor: Tholy. A cheerful halfling who’s tales border on the absurd are full of hyperbole and embellishment. As the evenening procedes the party continues to enjoy the spread set before them. Qexie, although a bit unnerved by Tholy’s outlandish tales, visibly loosens after a while. (and a few drinks)

The festivities are soon interupted as Tholly stands up to leave. As he gets to the door a large and very angry Krayd storms through the front door knocking tholly comically agains the wall. He demands justice blah blah blah claiming to have been poisoned. The capt of the guard is there trying to calm him. Lady Anzine responds calmly and diplomatically, and after a short exchange, krayd leaves. The guests resume eating as lady anzine apologizes for the intrusion. Guards appear and help Tholly up, but before the party can do much more, arrows are flying from the balconies. Caspar and Othur flip over a table to hide behind it and realize their weapons have been attached to the underside. Grabbing their armaments they burst out to face a somewhat larger krayd and a group of well armoured halfilngs with glowing red eyes who have stormed through the front entrance again knocking tholly against the wall. Magical construct guards have appeared and are fighting the archers. The lady is teleported away and Qexie rushes off to join the fray in another part of the castle.
The party quickly enters the fray and several are wounded. Lenthean does his best to keep everyone alive and Addic relesease powerful attacks of wind and air. Tholly also joins the fight using his various contraptions to aid in healing and lobing a few explosive pouches into the melee. After a long and hard battle, the party is vicorious, however severly wounded. The fighting has died out throughout the rest of the estate and the lady Anzine appears with Qexie. Her garments have multiple tears in them and she is carrying a hand crossbow and a short wand of somesort. She apologizes again for the danger and sends her servants to provide medical attention to each of the injured and to escort everyone to their rooms for some much needed rest.


Great campaign so far – a lot of thought clearly went into it.

Thanks for being an awesome GM Caleb!

002 - The Invitation
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